Digital Applications International (DAI) Video Competition

N.B: This competition is now closed. 

This award aims to reward the creator(s) of an engaging educational video on a chemical engineering topic. Winner(s) will receive 500 GBP. 

Assessment Criteria:

  1. Visual Presentation: Good use of visuals that aid in the explanation of the topic.
  2. Engaging and appropriate for the target audience: On an appropriate technical level that can be easily understood by peers and presented in a compelling manner. 
  3. Technical Argument: Good understanding of the topic with no errors, a focus on concepts, not calculations.

A judging panel will consist of an industry representative from DAI, a UCL academic, and an AIChE Committee member. All videos should be sent to by February 18, 2018. 


  • Q: What is the purpose of the competition?
    • A: This competition aims to generate educational videos on relevant chemical engineering topics that students often struggle with. All finalist submissions will be uploaded to a central Moodle-based server where future students can use these videos as supplementary learning material.
  • Q: Can I upload my submission to Youtube?
    • A: No. Upload your video to either your Outlook 365 account or another cloud-based storage provider (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive). All submissions must be directly sent to
  • Q: Can I use images from external sites or other creators?
  • Q: Can I partner with my friends to produce a video?
    • A: Yes. However, an individual cannot participate in more than one video. Please note, the prize money is a lump sum and does not appreciate per additional group member.
  • Q: When is the deadline for submissions?
    • A: February 18, 2018.
  • Q: If I win, will I be recognized at the departmental level?
    • A: Yes. Winning participant(s) will be recognized at the 2018 Ramsay Society Dinner. This award should also appear on your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).

For further questions, contact us below or email Fabian Byléhn.

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