About Us

As the only registered chapter in the United Kingdom, UCL AIChE serves as a landmark organisation which connects our members to a greater global community. We aim to provide UCL Chemical Engineering students careers events, workshops, and social events throughout the academic year.

2019-2020 Leadership Committee:

President: Talal Ali-Osman

Vice-President: Sofia Fernandes

Committee Representative: Amanda Wong

Committee Representative: Alejandro Been Martens

Academic Sponsor: Michail Stamatakis

2018-2019 Leadership Committee:

From left to right: Michail Stamatakis, Carla Griffiths, Talal Ali-Osman, Amanda Wong, Sofia Fernandes, Alejandro Been-Martens

President: Carla Griffiths

Vice-President: Alejandro Been Martens

Treasurer: Amanda Wong

Secretary: Sofia Fernandes

Committee Representative: Talal Ali-Osman

Academic Sponsor: Michail Stamatakis

2017-2018 Leadership Committee

President: Fabian Bylehn

Vice-President: Syed Mohsin Rasa

Treasurer: Chin Xu-Xing

Secretary: Christopher Swirski

Committee Representatives: Carla Griffiths, Georgia Tickle

Academic Sponsor: Michail Stamatakis